Zayn Posts First Selfie of 2019: See Here! / Still Dreamy, Right?

zayn selfie 2019

Dreamy Zayn just posted his first selfie of 2019. He did it on his Instagram feed today, January 2. The selfie photo shows Zayn rocking longer hair, a short beard, neck tattoos exposed and sunlight striking him right on the face.

Here it is:

It took me a few seconds to recognize him in this photo! Did the same happen to you? Must've been the sunlight on his face that made him look a bit different?

Anyway, long-haired Zayn looks GOOD. That do should be a keeper for him too. What do you think? YEY OR NAY to this first Zayn selfie of 2019?

In other news, Zayn's second solo album "Icarus Falls" keeps doing atrociously on the charts. Sales are still dismal. It's quite shocking to see no new single/music video being released yet. Are they just going to let this project die so fast?

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By on January 2, 2019
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