Zayn - "Icarus Falls": Official Album Lyrics

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Read now all the lyrics from Zayn’s new album “Icarus Falls”.

Icarus Falls” is the much-anticipated second album by British singer Zayn Malik, who rose to fame during his time in boyband One Direction, which he dramatically quit in 2015. “Icarus Falls” is the follow-up to Zayn’s 2016 solo debut LP “Mind of Mine”. “Icarus Falls” is scheduled for global release on December 14th via RCA Records and Sony Music.

“Icarus Falls” features none other than 27 TRACKS. And if you get the Japanese edition, you will get two bonus songs.

The producers who helped Zayn make “Icarus Falls” a reality were: Henrique Andrade, Alexandre Bursztyn, Robert Cavallo, Frank Dukes, Greg Kurstin, Brian Lee, Angel Lopez, MakeYouKnowLove, Malay, Murda Beatz, Khaled Rohaim, Saltwives, Sawyr, Timbaland and Federico Vindver.

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  1. Let Me
  2. Natural
  3. Back to Life
  4. Common
  5. Imprint
  6. Stand Still
  7. Tonight
  8. Flight of the Stars
  9. If I Got You
  10. Talk to Me
  11. There You Are
  12. I Don't Mind
  13. Icarus Interlude
  14. Good Guy
  15. You Wish You Knew
  16. Sour Diesel
  17. Satisfaction
  18. Scripted
  19. Entertainer
  20. All That
  21. Good Years
  22. Fresh Air
  23. Rainberry
  24. Insomnia
  25. No Candle No Light
  26. Fingers
  27. Too Much


By on December 13, 2018
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