Wiz Khalifa Roll Up

Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa has unveiled the second single from his upcoming major label debut "Rolling Papers" - in stores on March 29th - The Stargate-production "Roll Up" will serve as the follow-up to Wiz' smash hit "Black and Yellow" (whick managed to peak at #1 on the Hot 100). "Roll Up" is a synth-heavy production and it's not at all 'hood rapping' like in the case of B&Y. The new single has a crossover appeal, more Top 40 sounding, R&B-ish with soft rapping. The lyrics show Wiz willing to cater to this girl at every moment unlike others. LOVING this new tune! I smell a new hit for Wiz Khalifa right here.

Due to licensing restrictions, we can't show you the lyrics 😞

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