Watch: Katy Perry Performs "Dark Horse" & "Unconditionally" on "The Voice of Germany"

katy perry the voice germany live
katy perry the voice germany performance

This is the first live performance of "Dark Horse" since it was announced the Dr. Luke-produced urban track was selected to serve as the official (not "promotional" anymore) single from Katy Perry's latest album "Prism". Katy performed her new single, alongside its predecesor, the medium-hit (disappointing by Katy's huge sales standards) "Unconditionally", on the semi-final show of "The Voice of Germany" on Friday, December 13th. Check out Katy live in action in the videos below.

This "Dark Horse" performance was basically a rehash of the original routine and staging. The same cubes and dance moves. Still, I think Capitol Records made an intelligent move releasing "Dark Horse" as next single. It's a super strong, radio-friendly song. It's already proven to be of the liken of radios in the US. But now that it's received the official single status, and will soon receive a music video, no doubt "Dark Horse" is going to explode.

Katy also performed her ballad "Unconditionally". Pretty song, pretty emotion, but this hasn't managed to fully connect with the audience. It's not a flop, but it's not a smash one would expect from Katy "epic" Perry. The performance on "The Voice of Germany" was potent, though. Loved the angelic theme of the performance.

Is "Dark Horse" the best 3rd single choice?

By on December 14, 2013
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