The Script - "No Good In Goodbye" [Music Video Premiere!]

the script no good in goodbye video

Why the low budget? Irish band The Script just premiered on VEVO the music video for "No Good In Goodbye", the second single from their September-released fourth studio album "No Sound Without Silence". The song is just brilliant as all of the sons on the new The Script album...and honestly as all of the band's songs in general. They are unable to make bad music! The lead single "Superheroes" didn't perform bad at all so I'm a bit upset at The Script's label for giving them a low budget to shoot this video.

the script no good in goodbye video

"No Good In Goodbye" video review

Where did the money go? I thought this video would have a cool back story to play along with the band's "performance" scenes. But this is just an on-set performance video. They just added cool effects and colour lights. It's basically that and the only "different" scene is that where a couple dozens of uniformed people are standing still and The Script's frontman Danny begins singing closely in the ear of a woman.

the script no good in goodbye video

What do you think of the video?

By on November 20, 2014
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