Taylor Swift Chooses "Delicate" As Next "Reputation" Single: Do You Like?

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Taylor Swift Chooses "Delicate" As Next "Reputation" Single: Do You Like?

Love it or hate it but “Delicate” is going to be the next single from Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” album. Gary Trust, co-director of the Hot 100 chart at Billboard, just confirmed the news with a very explicit tweet: “Next @taylorswift13 single: "Delicate," impacting pop & adult pop radio March 12-13”. So in just two weeks, you will be exposed with “Delicate” replays at the top of every hour on every pop radio in America. Are you ready? And we could be receiving the music video for “Delicate” at the end of March, the beginning of April hopefully.

Are you happy with “Delicate” being the next single off “Reputation”? Please do tell us your thoughts in the comment section! What is my personal opinion? I like “Delicate” but getting released as an official single before “I Did Something Bad” and “Dancing With Our Hands Tight”? Hmmm…. I’m a bit shocked. But I’ll give my support nonetheless. I just the hope the music video is so good.

By on February 28, 2018

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