She Did It! Camila Cabello Has The Number One Song And Album In America!

camila cabello number one

She Did It! Camila Cabello Has The Number One Song And Album In America!

Camila Cabello, the young daughter of Cuban-Mexican immigrants, is currently in control of the #1 spots on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Top 200 charts. Camila’s smash hit “Havana” finally surpassed Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and her self-titled debut solo album managed to beat the expectations and beat “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack and debut atop with 119,000 units sold this week. Major congratulations are in order.

Many people believed she would fail with her solo endeavor and that karma would bite her back after leaving Fifth Harmony the way she did but in the end she got the last laugh. She now has the #1 song and #1 album in America at the same time. And no everybody is capable of achieving such feat. Camila is part now of a very reduced special club.

Now the trick will be continuing this success and not being a brief act. Thus far, her next single “Never Be The Same” is having a nice performance on iTunes and pop radio but the key will be breaking the Top 10 of the Hot 100 again. If Camila manages to do that, then that will be a definitive point of no return into legendary stardom.

But for now let’s just rejoice the young daughter of Cuban-Mexican immigrants is ruling the USA music-wise. Donald Trump must be shook.

PS: If I'd be the other Fifth Harmony girls, I would scrap any plan for more group albums. They all have to go solo ASAP.

By on January 23, 2018
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