Premiere: Troye Sivan’s Heart Bleeds For A HOT Bartender Guy On The Beach In “Lucky Strike” Music Video!

troye sivan lucky strike video
troye sivan lucky strike video premiere

Who wouldn’t fall for that guy!?

Troye Sivan hit the jackpot on the beach the other day when he spotted this SUPER HOT bartender guy. He went up to him, he ordered a drink, he started to flirt and then boom… MAGIC HAPPENED. Or did it?

This is all is the storyline of Troye’s “Lucky Strike” music video that premiered TODAY on YouTube. “Lucky Strike” is the latest official single from the Australian singer’s “Bloom” album. I just LOVE this song. Do you too? So excited it is a single.


Damn… Troye Sivan is no fool. He recognizes eye candy when he sees one. That guy was smokin’ hot. What a body and what a face!

Unfortunately for Troye everything that actually happened – the good stuff I mean – was all a dream. He was daydreaming. He actually didn’t have the courage to walk up to the guy and hit on him (NOOOO!!!! What a missed opportunity). But hey, at least he enjoyed his fantasy, lol. I loved the cheesy boat scene and the group dancing moment with the fellow beach-goers. Also, kudos go to Troye for thinking a little outside the box for this music video. It wasn’t all corny. I truly appreciated the real-looking bleeding heart moments. I thought that was both bold and artistic. Made this a unique music video for sure.

By on January 10, 2019
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