Justin Bieber Raps 'Otis' Freestyle!

RESPECT GAINED! Justin Bieber brought his rapper alter-ego Shawty Mane on scene while doing a promotional apperance on L.A's Power 106 today (October 2nd) - The Bieber asked for the instrumental of the Kanye and Jay-Z 'Watch the Throne' single 'Otis', so he could show off some of his MC skills (JB freestyling? THAT I had to see!). Of course his wish came true, the DJ at the radio show played the instrumental and please watch the result above. Justin WENT IN! IN I tell you! *picks up jaw from the floor*.

I wasn't expecting that AT ALL. Justin did amazing. This only backs my idea The Bieber should totally record one day a full rap album, or atleast a mixtape. He definitely got skills! Think about it, we could even hear a rapping duet between Justin and Selena Gomez (rememeber her 'Super Bass' cover?). Btw, just one question, what was Justin doing at urban/hip-hop radio station Power 106? Are people there interested on Justin's 'Under the Mistletoe' album? Come on....They just want the Bieber

Click and Read here the complete lyrics for Justin's "Otis" rap!

What do YOU think of Justin's 'Otis' freestyle?

By on November 2, 2011
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