It's Real: "Style" Is Taylor Swift's Next Single From "1989" (We're Happy, Are You?)

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At last, there is confirmation.

Republic Record’s ‘Playbook’ website (managed by the label’s radio promotion team) confirmed today (Jan. 12) that we all already knew. That the Harry Styles-inspired “Style” song is going to be the next official single from "1989" (freaking out too!?).

She performed it at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in December, Big Machine Records boss Scott Borchetta said it was personal choice for next “1989” single in a tweet, and several Top 40 radios have already added it to their playlists. So did we really need 'confirmation' that “Style” was going to be 'the one'? I mean, it’s always nice to have an official outlet backing up your ‘hopes’ and confirming the rumours but I think that in the case of “Style” there was no need. It was just so damn obvious. This song is destined to #1. Taylor has it in the bag. EASY.

So. “Style” is 'officially' impacting pop radios in the U.S on February 10th.

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What would Republic/Big Machine’s perfect strategy would be? Have Taylor Swift perform “Style” live on the 57th Grammys on February 8, premiere the music video on February 9 and then let the radio premiere go ahead as planned February 10. The SLAYAGE is coming and you just know it.

Happy with the single choice?

By on January 12, 2015
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