Broods - "Evergreen" [Complete Album Lyrics]

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New Zealand indie-pop/electronica duo Broods – made of siblings Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott – will be releasing their full-length debut album “Evergreen” on August 22nd in Australia and New Zealand (their biggest markets as of this post) and on October 7th in the U.S. Broods – who rise to fame in early 2014 thanks to their breakthrough single "Bridges", charting high in both Aussie land and NZ - signed a deal with Capitol Records a few months ago which led to their global ascension and the announcement of plans for the recording of a full-length album. Just like Broods' debut EP, Joel Little was in charge of executive producing the duo's first LP, "Evergreen". Little is also the executive producer of Lorde's "Pure Heroine" album. Joel was the one who discovered both the "Royals" star and Broods. He’s got a nice eye for scouting talent!

The album "Evergreen" is comprised of 11 tracks. The first single is “Mother and Father” - which has a simple black and white music video and which Broods performed live in a few television shows in America. “Mother and Father” is, as of this post, still requestable on U.S radios as it's the only official single Broods have released in the country thus far. The mood and sound of the "Evergreen" album is very gloomy and nostalgic. Indie-pop and electronica are definitely the genres the album best fits in. While Caleb Nott also has the talent of singing, he prefers to hide his voice in the majority of tracks in the album, allowing us to appreciate his 'work' only in the productions.

Favorite song(s)?

      1. Mother & Father
      2. Everytime
      3. Killing You
      4. Bridges
      5. L.A.F
      6. Never Gonna Change
      7. Sober
      8. Medicine
      9. Evergreen
      10. Four Walls
      11. Superstar
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