BEYONCE - Blind Trust lyrics

Below are the complete “Blind Trust” lyrics by Beyonce displayed. These lyrics were added September 6, 2010.

Blind Trust lyrics

Go out tonight
Feel nice tonight
Stay out all night
Like it's 1996

Pull out that porsche tonight
Front with your boys tonight
Buy out the bar tonight
You deserve it, baby, talk your sh*t

I know you never lie to me
And you've always been faithful
And I know there ain't any other guys like you
That's why I strive, I'll be your happiness, oh yes, oh yes

I-I need my man
To feel like he's a man
To feel the need for questioning
Where he is or who he's with
He's more than my man
He's my best friend
To feel the need for checkin' in
Cause we got blind trust
Trust, trust, trust
We got blind trust
Trust, trust, trust
If we got blind trust


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