Zedd & Liam Payne Give First “Get Low” Live Performance On ‘GMA’: Watch

zedd liam gma

Zedd and the dreamie Liam Payne delivered the first ever live performance of their EDM bop “Get Low” last Friday (July 21) on ABC’s “Good Morning America”. It was an outdoors concert held at New York City’s Central Park before a massive crowd of people. Zedd and Liam’s performance was electrifying yet not perfect. Perfect would have been if they had added a couple of dancers to bop along in an in-sync choreography to the infectious beat of “Get Low” as Liam stood up singing on the b-stage. Without those dancers, the performance felt a little flat at moments. But overall the energy was good, Liam had fun, he sounded good, the crowd was living, and everybody left pleased I’m sure. Big BOO, though, at ‘GMA’ live-censoring the “I like the way you touch yourself” lyric. It’s just paraphrasing and not anything explicit! But whatever…

PS: Why do these young artists think overly long t-shirts look good on them when it’s clearly the opposite?

alessia cara zedd gma

Alessia Cara was also that same Friday morning with Zedd at Central Park. They took the opportunity to perform “Stay” together for their fans.

By on July 24, 2017
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