Zedd & Liam Payne - "Get Low": Single Review + Full Audio

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Can Zedd please produce the entirety of Liam Payne’s debut solo album, please? Because this is amazing.

The German DJ released today (July 6) his new single “Get Low”, which features One Direction’s Liam Payne. The song becomes the official follow-up single to Zedd’s super hit “Stay” with Alessia Cara. Topping the amazingness of “Stay” with any follow-up single was going to be a very difficult task but Zedd might have just done it! “Get Low” could very well be my favorite Zedd song ever (yeah, even more than Ariana Grande’s “Break Free”, which he produced.)

Zedd is said to be working on a new studio album but that’s yet to be confirmed. He may be doing just one-off singles this era… but if “Get Low” becomes a super smash hit just like “Stay” no doubt Zedd’s label will force him to release a new album (and that would be totally okay for me as that would mean many more collaboration with A-listers).


Let's just enjoy the feel / I'll take a breath of will, and give you the touch you're missing / Get low, get low / Hands on your waist let's go”, sings Liam Payne on the new Zedd single. The song is about a boy who really wants to hook up (and more) with a girl he’s in obsessed with. And by the timeline of the lyrics, it seems either he succeeded in his mission and the girl fell in love with him and allowed the “sex act” to happen, or the boy’s imagination is a little too wild (“When the water come down, I'ma get in that”, say whaaaat?).

Zedd and Liam’s “Get Low” is definitely a bedroom/baby-making anthem. But with a clubby, synthey, electro beat? Well, who says only slow songs can be baby-making anthems? “Get Low” is here to break the mold!

That chorus, that beat, that melody. “Get Low” gave me so much life in my first listen. This will sound so epic at the club. Can’t wait to get crazy to it on the dancefloor and can’t wait to witness its impending rise to the top of the charts this summer.

And please Liam, get Zedd to executive produce your debut album. I mean it. Comparing “Get Low” with “Strip That Down” is like comparing a Mercedes Benz with a Nissan. What do you think?

By on July 6, 2017
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