Zayn Proves He's A Hottie On Billboard Magazine Cover, Talks Album 2

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Zayn Proves He's A Hottie On Billboard Magazine Cover, Talks Album 2

Zayn is on the cover of the new issue of Billboard Magazine. He’s also the star of the main interview of the issue. In this interview, Zayn talks about his forthcoming second studio, improving his anxiety issues, and how has life been for him living on a farm (we kid you not). But first, let’s appreciate Zayn’s outstanding beauty (that face…) by taking a look at all the photos from his photoshoot for the new Billboard Magazine issue. Hard to pick a favorite, right? He’s one fine hottie. Shame there was no shirtlessness! (lol).

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About his second album:

  • The album will be released in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Producers Timbaland and Rob Cavallo have worked on the album
  • Billboard reporter got an exclusive listen of two tracks from Zayn’s new album. Here’s his best description of them:
“I got a preview of two tracks in late October. The first, which is built around Malik’s velvet vocals, a heartrending ­melody and spare, sonar-plink sonics builds -- and improves -- on his debut album’s sound. The other, all synths and ­effortless vocals, feels directly aimed at pop fans’ ­pleasure centers.”
  • About the sonic theme of his second album, Zayn elaborated:
“The new album, says Malik, mines two main moods: one more rhythmic and pop, the other more downtempo.”
“I think I’m like 90 percent of the way there,”

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