Zara Larsson’s New Single “Ruin My Life” Has Some ‘Controversial’ Lyrics: Listen Here!

zara larsson ruin my life

Well, Zara Larsson is back with new music and “Ruin My Life” is not the banger I was expecting but a mid-tempo pop number I’m very on the fence about. “Ruin My Life” was released on digital platforms everywhere this Thursday morning, it’s the first single from the Swedish singer’s upcoming third studio album, and it was produced by Jackson Foote and The Monsters & Strangerz.

I mean, the chorus is catchy but girl, those lyrics… I don’t know. She opens with “I miss you pushing me close to the edge” and then sings “I want you to ruin my life / I want you to fuck up my nights” in the chorus. Zara is addressing here her feelings of nostalgia about a former lover and she wanting him to return to her life because she misses the guy’s bad attitude with her? I don’t get it. If that’s a toxic person, why would you want him back? I know love is complicated but everyone is entitled to have the kind of relationship they want but I’m personally just not in love with this message Zara is conveying. I don’t find it relatable and although the chorus the way she sings is so catchy I just can’t fully connect with this song knowing the overall message. What was wrong with the bops, though? I was looking forward to that especially for the first single but Zara didn’t deliver that but this. Will this find success on US radios? What do you think?


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By on October 18, 2018
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