Zara Larsson's "Don't Let Me Be Yours" Music Video Gets Mixed Reviews: Watch The Premiere!

zara larsson dont let me be yours video
zara larsson dont let me be yours video premiere

Zara Larsson just simultaneously announced and released the next official single from her international debut album “So Good”. And the lucky is… “Don’t Let Me Be Yours”. REALLY? I don’t hate “Don’t Let Me Be Yours” but I’ve always thought of it as “filler”. The saxophone moment in the chorus is cute, though. But seriously, there are WAY better songs on “So Good” than “Don’t Let Me Be Yours”. Who made this decision?

The “Don’t Let Me Be Yours” "new single announcement" came today with the premiere of the song’s official music video on VEVO. Directed by Daniel Kaufman, the visual sees Zara being a carefree spirit and a little girl proving she can also kick ass in the world of car racing. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE LYRICS, THOUGH?

The music video is receiving mixed reviews from Zara’s fans. Check out a heated debate on the YouTube comments of the music video below.

zara larsson dont let me be yours plot

Maybe Zara should’ve gone for a safer treatment?

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By on May 12, 2017
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