Zara Larsson Slays Dance Break In “Ruin My Life” Performance On ‘The X Factor UK’

zara larsson ruin my life performance on the x factor
zara larsson ruin my life performance on the x factor uk

Zara Larsson isn’t giving up on “Ruin My Life” just yet. She is focusing on promoting the song in the only important market it is doing decent: the UK. There, “Ruin My Life” has peaked at #14. Last week it lost one position, though, currently placing it at #15, but Zara and/or her UK label think there is still room for some chart improvement in the UK. That’s why Zara’s label paid a lot of money to book her a performance slot on “The X Factor“ last night. There might be more performances on UK TV coming in the next days but we all know this performance on “The X Factor” will be the most relevant one of the bunch. So how did she do? She killed it. The performance was stupendous. From the stage, the production, Zara’s look, the whole routine and of course that amazing dance break the Swedish pop singer added for this special “X Factor” performance.

I may not be the biggest fan of “Ruin My Life”, in fact I always skip this song quickly when it comes on randomly on my Spotify, but I’m finding myself giving this performance a lot of replays and that’s because I want to watch this dance break over and over again. It was so good. Zara did that.

Anything to criticize? Well, maybe Zara’s face throughout this performance didn’t express a lot of excitement. Either she is over “Ruin My Life” too and wants to move on to a new single ASAP or she was just nervous or too focused on not messing up the routine.

What are your honest thoughts on “Ruin My Life”?

By on November 26, 2018
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