Yes, Zara Larsson Has An Incredible Body And She Flaunts It In The "Ruin My Life" Music Video: Watch Here!

zara larsson ruin my life video
zara larsson ruin my life video premiere

I’m still not the biggest fan of this song – you know that these lyrics are just not of my liking and that prevents me from loving this song despite the ‘catchiness’ of the chorus and its melody - but Zara Larsson just gave “Ruin My Life” an incredible music video. And that’s a fact. Either she has been hitting the gym a lot lately or the clothes she has been wearing ever since she broke into the music scene haven’t done her justice because Zara Larsson is looking SNATCHED y’all in this video. That body is And Zara is enjoying showing it off here. And I mean, she’s showing off almost ALL of it. Besides the body, I’m loving the color scheme, all of Zara’s fierce looks, and also the concept they came up with for this music video. Thoroughly enjoyed this and of course that guy was going to come Zara an immediate visit the second he saw all the ‘footage’ she was sending him.

zara larsson blue bra

Still not my favorite song of hers, but “Ruin My Life” definitely just won a few points thanks to this music video. What do you guys think of it?


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By on October 23, 2018
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