WOW! Miley Cyrus Covers Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left To Cry" on BBC Radio 1: Did She Improve The Original?

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Oh my goodness. Have Miley Cyrus' vocals always been this good? I'm shook.

The American singer and Mark Ronson continue promoting their new single "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" everywhere they go. Today, the pair paid a visit to BBC Radio 1's 'Live Lounge' show. There, Miley delivered an exquisite acoustic performance of "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart". But that wasn't the only song she would sing on the show. If you don't know, 'Live Lounge' require their guests to perform a cover of their choice on top of the new single they come to promote. And seems like Miley knew all along what song she was going to cover. She sang Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left To Cry". Ariana and Miley are BFFs so no big surprise here.




I've already seen a few performances of "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" so this new one was no shocker but the "No Tears Left To Cry" cover performance totally snatched my wig and send it to the moon. My God. I have no doubt this is the best cover of this Ariana Grande song anybody has done. It was outstanding in every way. Miley made "No Tears Left To Cry" completely her own and she just killed it in the vocal department. So powerful. Every time she hit that chorus with her mouth wide open and that incredible first vocal BOOM came out it was like a a beautiful car running over me. And I didn't mind one bit if Miley put it on reverse and ran me back again.

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By on December 18, 2018
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