World Premiere! Zayn & PARTYNEXTDOOR - "Still Got Time": Full Audio + Single Review

zayn still got time

The king is back with new music.

Zayn dropped his new single "Still Got Time" on digital platforms today. This collaboration with Canada's very own PARTYNEXTDOOR is rumored to be the lead single from the British heart-throb's second studio album, which he has been working on for the last several months. We hope it is because the song is so good, so good, so goooood!

"Still Got Time" has a island/tropical flavor mixed with R&B vibes that together make a magical combination. This bonafide multiformat hit, which features a very amazing radio friendly, sticks with you immediately chorus, hears Zayn singing things like "just stop looking for live, you still got time" to a girl. Don't understand what he's saying? If you hear the song in full you will get that what Zayn is actually saying is that he hopes that girl stops looking live somewhere else, because he is his Mr. Right (but she still has some time to figure it out on her own).

This has potential to be huge.


By on March 24, 2017
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