World Premiere: Stargate ft. Sia & Pink - "Waterfall": Full Audio + Review

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World Premiere: Stargate ft. Sia & Pink - "Waterfall": Full Audio + Review

We just knew this song was going to be amazing from start to finish. Like, it’s Stargate! These guys only create hits.

Stargate, the production team (responsible for this massive list of pop hits), are now stepping into the spotlight and will be releasing from now on music under their name. They are now part of the “artists” roster of RCA Records (their new label). Stargate’s “debut single” is this song called “Waterfall”, featuring Sia and Pink. “Waterfall”, available to hear via Spotify now and up for purchase starring tomorrow, Friday, a bona-fide pop, Top 40 radio hit, boasting a dark synth production, where Pink and Sia repeat over and over again the “I’m in your waterfall” mantra. The song speaks about a girl who feel safe under the love and protection of the man she loves.

We have no doubt it was very easy for Stargate to get Pink and Sia on board this song. They must’ve simply offered them productions in exchange in the future.

We’re loving/are obsessed with “Waterfall” (literally destroying the “repeat” button), and we cannot wait to see a music video featuring both pop divas. It’s going to be so epic. And, by the way, we are also so ready for Stargate’s upcoming debut album. Will be hits-packed no doubt. The Chainsmokers, who?



By on March 9, 2017

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