World Premiere! Shawn Mendes - "Mercy": Full Audio + Review

shawn mendes mercy

Why does Shawn Mendes always have to write such heart-breaking songs? This new one is so sad!

The Canadian singer released today (Aug. 18) a new countdown single from his forthcoming second studio album “Illuminate” that will arrive in stores on September 23rd. The new song in question is titled “Mercy” and Shawn described it last week on Twitter as: “Don't think I’ve ever been this excited for a song release”. Is is that good? YES, IT IS!

Mercy” is another signature Shawn Mendes emotional acoustic ballad and one where he narrates the story of a boy who’s in love with a girl but this girl doesn’t know it. She goes by with her life apparently not even knowing or caring about Shawn’s existence, and that of course is causing much hurt to our Canadian star. “Please have mercy on me / Take it easy on my heart / Even though you don't mean to hurt me”, he cries on the chorus.

Just by that humming in the beginning I knew I was going to LOVE "Mercy".

Stunning song.

Hit or Miss?



By on August 18, 2016
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