World Premiere! Robin Thicke & Nas - "Deep": Full Audio + Review

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Blue-eyed singer Robin Thicke premiered last night (Oct. 10) his new single “Deep”, featuring rap legend Nas, via SoundCloud. The R&B record is meant to be Robin’s lead single from his yet-untitled upcoming eight studio album - the follow-up to 2014’s mega flop “Paula”.

A really nice song “Deep” is but the disconnection between what Robin Thicke sings and what Nas raps is awkward. On the one hand, Mr. Thicke sings here about not losing any sleep about a relationship that is obviously not going to go anywhere (“It ain’t that deep, we ain’t gotta lose sleep”), and on the other, Nas, in his acapella intro verse, powerfully raps about police brutality, racial injustice and Donald Trump (“And you don’t think it’s an emergency / A toupée-wearing liar is tryna run the USA”). Doesn’t it seem to you too like Robin purchased a random unreleased Nas verse and he just added it to his song in order to get more streams not caring about the cohesiveness in message? Or did Robin lied to Nas about the theme of “Deep” when he asked him for his verse? Confusing I know. In any case, this is a fine song. Nas’s rapping is fire, Robin’s vocals are quite nice, and the mellow production is really soothing.

Hit or Miss?

By on October 11, 2016
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