World Premiere: One Direction - "What A Feeling" [Full Audio + Review]

one direction what a feeling

They keep the new music coming!

One Direction don’t care their new album “Made in the A.M” is only two days away from global release. They are still releasing ‘countdown singles’. Is this a foolish strategy and hurtful for their first week sales? This is a rather clever question to ask. It seems 1D’s management and label think this is the best course of action.

The new track released today (Nov. 11) on both iTunes and Spotify was “What A Feeling”. Check out below what member Louis Tomlinson had to say about this track in an exclusive video uploaded on the boyband’s social accounts moments ago:

What A Feeling” is a pop mid-tempo love song, that’s clear, but I’m a bit confused on the actual story of the track. Is it about a boy who’s missing his ex or a boy who’s grateful for the partner he’s sharing his life with? This bit “Everybody needs someone around / But I can't hold you / Too close now” and this bit “What a feeling to be right here beside you now / Holding you in my arms” seem rather opposite, don’t you think? Anyhow, the overall sound of the song is kind of feel-good so I guess it's the positive story.

Hit or Miss?

By on November 11, 2015
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