World Premiere! Lorde - "Liability": Full Audio + Review

Lorde liability artwork

World Premiere! Lorde - "Liability": Full Audio + Review

Lorde not only unveiled the full release date of her upcoming second studio album “Melodrama” (June 30th, mark your calendars!!!) today, she also launched the official pre-order on iTunes AND released the first countdown single! Titled “Liability”, this is a piano ballad where Lorde sings about the risks she may cause when she’s in a relationship ("I understand, I'm a liability / Get you wild, make you leave”).

The only bad news of the day? That “Melodrama” will only have 11 tracks (EXCUSE ME? Four long years of waiting to only receive 11 new songs? - We want more! There better be a deluxe edition for Target carrying at least 5 more tracks!).

Anyhow, "Liability" is making our anger calm down a bit...


By on March 9, 2017

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