World Premiere! Kehlani - "Do U Dirty": Full Audio + Review

kehlani do u dirty

World Premiere! Kehlani - "Do U Dirty": Full Audio + Review

Here's another new song from Kehlani's debut album "SWEETSEXYSAVAGE" - which is coming to a store near your on January 27th.

"Do U Dirty" became today the newest 'countdown single' from the Californian singer's first ever LP with Atlantic Records that is coming out in only a couple of weeks. "Do U Dirty" can be obtained on iTunes right now or you can simply stream the song clicking on the YouTube player at the bottom of this page.

In the intense mid-tempo urban song Kehlani declares that she sometimes can be a complete femme fatale when doing the dating thing: "I, I'ma do you dirty / You think you love me now, I think you should be worried". Beware, boys and girls (Kehlani's bisexual), because if you want to get with the "Distraction" singer, there's a high probability you end up with your heart broken.

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By on January 13, 2017

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