World Premiere: Flo Rida - "Dirty Mind" [Full Audio + Review]

flo rida dirty mind

Rapper Flo Rida ain’t got time for games anymore.

After releasing this Spring his latest EP “My House”, the rapper whose name is strongly linked to the terms “hits” and “party music” is ready to treat his millions of fans with a new studio album (it’d be his fifth) and the lead single from this upcoming project, which we’ll see Flo Rida drop in the first quarter of 2016 via Atlantic Records and Warner Music, is already here. Today, December 4th, the 36-year-old rapper released on iTunes his new single titled “Dirty Mind”.

Truth is I didn’t expect Flo Rida to start promoting his next studio album this year. It's as if the success of the “My House” EP singles, “G.D.F.R” and “I Don’t Like It, I Love It”, forced his label to get to work with respect to promoting Flo Rida’s next “era”. And thinking about it a little bit better now, since Flo Rida is accustomed to release club-ready songs as his first singles every time, and New Year’s Eve parties are around the corner, it really was the most appropriate call by Atlantic Records and Warner Music, in the end, to kick off the promotion of the lead single "Dirty Mind” (that is, release it) before the 31st of December of this year.

Flo Rida’s new single “Dirty Mind” can be described as “urban music meets Marilyn Manson meets Daft Punk”. Why? Because although the song can be categorized as “urban music” there are a few elements that make it differentiate from other regular urban/party songs. In the verses, there’s some spooky beat that is very reminiscing to Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People”. And at certain parts of “Dirty Mind”, you can hear a robotic voice that is very Daft Punk style. The chorus does give us the ‘usual’ Flo Rida back. It’s a catchy and sing along-ready hook.

By the way, there’s a male singer also providing vocals in “Dirty Mind”, but since there’s no “featuring…” remark on the single cover, we don’t know who he is. Shame on Flo Rida. This mysterious guy actively participates in the song, and even though he might be just an up-and-coming singer, he definitely deserved a credit! (rant over).

You know how urban/party songs are all sounding the same, and really falling into monotony these days? Well, Flo Rida should be feeling really proud of himself because I don’t how he does it - maybe he’s got a great team behind - but he always knows how to stay original and fresh, and “Dirty Mind” is solid proof - this a little spooky, and party-ready. I like this combination. Oh, and what’s the song about? Can’t figure it out from the title, huh? Well, it’s about Flo Rida admitting how much he likes the “dirty mind” of his girlfriend. Ahhh, you naughty boy!

UPDATE: The mysterious singer is Sam Martin! Video cover has been updated!

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By on December 4, 2015
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