World Premiere: DNCE - "Blown": Full Audio + Review

dnce blown

In only a month and a half (Nov. 18) the Joe Jonas-led band DNCE will release their much-anticipated eponymous full-length debut studio album via Republic Records. We already know that the lead single from said album is the magnificent “Body Moves”, whose sexually-charged music video was a good reminder of how ripped Joe Jonas has gotten, but it was already time for the countdown singles to make an appearance. And the first one is this song called “Blown”. You can stream “Blown”, which features hip hop artist Kent Jones, on Spotify right now and you can buy it on iTunes starting tomorrow, October 28th.

To my surprise “Blown” isn’t another electro-pop song from DNCE but it’s something completely unheard from the band, for you can hear Joe singing in this song over a funk meets boogie production! Meanwhile, the racy lyrical content of the song hears Mr. Jonas singing about how happy he is for finally having hooked up with the girl he’s been obsessed with for a long time (“Never thought I'd get you, no / But here you are at my front door”) and how his mind literally blew when they finally “consummated” their love (“My mind's blown! Oooooh!”).

If anybody ever doubted about Joe Jonas’ sexual orientation, with all of these heterosexual-charged new songs I’ve been listening so far, I think the doubts have been cleared and proved wrong… right?

Hit or Miss?



By on October 27, 2016
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