World Premiere: Demi Lovato - "Body Say" [Full Audio + Review]

demi lovato body say

Oh yes Demi, you are the commander-in-chief in the bedroom for sure!

Demi Lovato is to release tomorrow, July 1st, a brand new single called “Body Say”. However, the song can be streamed via Spotify right now.

It isn’t confirmed yet whether this song will be part of Demi’s sixth studio album, part of a “Confident” re-release or if it’s just a one-off single Demi wanted to treat fans with this summer. Confirmation soon, please?

“Body Say” is a steamy song that sounds like a mix of R&B, indie-electropop music, and Tove Lo. Oh yeah, you can definitely hear the Tove Lo influence.

"You can touch me with both hands / Speed it up, baby, make me sweat / Dreaming, take me there cause I want your sex”, sings Demi in her bold new single over a finger-snapping production. “Body Say” is a song about having the strong craving for sex - and yep, Demi is definitely going to get some.

COME THROUGH, NAUGHTY QUEEN! (Her R&B hit is coming!)

NOTE: Watch here a live performance of "Body Say", as seen in the opening night of Demi's "Future Now" tour. As I foresaw, the song sounds so good in studio version!

Hit or Miss?

[Via Spotify]


By on June 30, 2016
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