World Premiere: Cher Lloyd - "Activated" [Full Audio + Review]

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After being dropped by Syco and Epic because of the poor sales of her second album in 2014, British singer Cher Lloyd (who served us back in the day with bops like pulling a comeback. The now 22-year-old released premiered today, July 21, a brand new single called “Activated”. And it is confirmed to be the lead single from Cher’s forthcoming “project” (either her third full-length album or her first ever EP), which she will release in late 2016, independently now, via Vixen Records.

Mmm…okay! I like the song. Can’t say it’s bad, I can definitely bop somewhat to it. But I don’t think it is lead single material. As ‘buzz’, it’d be fine - but as lead single? As Cher’s “reintroduction” (as Rolling Stone called “Activated”) to the world? No, ma’am.

If Cher Lloyd wants to forever stay in the independent scene and live off tiny royalty cheques and cheap earnings from random club shows, then okay - “Activated” is the perfect single for that. But if Cher wants to return to the major league (and I want her to return to a league she so deserves because she has the talent to rule pop), be attractive to big labels again, and get played on Top 40 radios like back in the day, then she needs to deliver a mind-blowingly good pop song.

Activated” is a cute, yet dated-sounding, edgy R&B-pop song. The chorus with all the “oohs” is giving me serious 2000s R&B teas. I guess Cher was listening to a lot of music from that age when writing “Activated”? - A song, by the way, that will leave you puzzled a bit when Cher announces “When I do the damn thing, just watch me”. What is that “damn thing” she talks about? Click ‘play’ below and find out!

Hit or Miss?

By on July 21, 2016
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