Wiz Khalifa Goes Pink For ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Performance, Watch Him Rap “See You Again” & “We Dem Boyz”

wiz khalifa see you again jimmy kimmel
wiz khalifa jimmy kimmel

Wiz Khalifa isn’t done promoting his #1 hit “See You Again”. The Pittsburgh rapper stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Thursday (June 4) to perform a 2-song concert before a couple hundred fans at the outdoor stage of the ABC late-night talk show’s studios in Los Angeles.

Wiz, who decided yesterday to paired up his slim jeans with a basic pink t-shirt and a matching pink cap, first performed “See You Again”, from the “Furious 7” soundtrack, alongside Charlie Puth, who did his thing from the piano, and later returned to the stage to do his hit single from his latest “Black Hollywood” album; “We Dem Boyz”. Can you believe “We Dem Boyz” was ‘officially’ released as single back in February 2014!? What is Wiz still giving voice to that song? Couldn’t he have picked any other one from “Black Hollywood”? And it sure looked like the crowd wasn’t feeling “We Dem Boyz”, or perhaps they are tired of it too, because the majority did not look one tiny bit hyped at all. Only a few in the first lines cared to put their hands in the air, but the rest were either checking their Facebooks or taking small videos to upload to their Instagrams to look cool with their friends.

By the way, besides Wiz’ LOL-worthy pink outfit, the second best thing about this appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ yesterday was that it made me remember about that time when he was on one of Jimmy’s “Mean Tweets” bits where he got to read a pretty mean tweet that said: “Wiz Khalifa looks like a homeless woman”. His face was priceless and I laughed so hard.

Anyhow, be on the lookout for Wiz’ new album “Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album” later in 2015.


By on June 5, 2015
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