Wiz Khalifa ft. Akon - 'Let It Go' (Music Video)

The minute the clock struck 4:20 eastern time, Wiz Khalifa released a new visual for his Akon collab 'Let It Go'. This record will serve as the third single from his sophomore studio album 'O.N.I.F.C.'. The visual follows the story of a beautiful young woman as she deals with her significant other while Akon and Wiz do what they do best.

'Let It Go' is one of my personal favorites off the album. Glad Wiz found the time to release this with his son Sebastian Taylor Thomas just being born. It seems the Pittsburgh native is almost ready to get back to work as he told Sway yesterday that he's come to an understanding with his one month old son; "He's letting me get back to work, so it's good. We talked about that the other day; he let me know it was cool,"

As of March 17th, 'O.N.I.F.C.' has already reached 347,000 in sales. Pretty good for an album that didn't follow the same mainstream route as his debut 'Rolling Papers'. You can purchase the 22-track album or 'Let It Go' on Itunes. Watch the Ryan Hope directed video above.

Thoughts on the video?

Let It Go
By on March 21, 2013
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