Where's Louis Tomlinson In The "Just Hold On" Music Video? Watch The Premiere!

steve aoki just hold on video
steve aoki just hold on video premiere

We thought the life cycle of this song was complete. But… it ain’t so!

Steve Aoki premiered the official music video for his Louis Tomlinson-assisted EDM anthem “Just Hold On” via Ultra Music’s YouTube channel last night.

Just Hold On” was doing okay on iTunes/radio last month when Steve and Louis were promoting the single non-stop on U.S television, but these days, the uplifting song is, for instance, nowhere to be found on the Top 100 of iTunes USA. It’s a shame “Just Hold On” had so little grasping strength. The second they stopped promoting, interest for the song declined so heavily. Nevertheless, Steve Aoki isn’t giving up on “Just Hold On” just yet. He thinks he can still make some more money with it. That’s why he dropped the official visual for the single last night on YouTube. However, it seems Louis Tomlinson, on the contrary, has decided to give up on this song. He’s to give it no more time of his schedule. He didn’t even show up to the filming of this music video!

The MV below sees a young couple living wild and free. They will wake up in London, party in Las Vegas, and have dinner in Kuwait. A trip all around the world really. At Sin City, they will attend Steve Aoki’s DJ show at one of the hottest spots in Vegas nightlife. That would have been the perfect location for a Louis Tomlinson “cameo” but no… he was too busy doing other things and didn’t care to appear in the music video for his first ever solo collaboration! We’re a bit mad.


By on March 9, 2017
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