When She Goes Trap, We Go Mad: Rosalia Releases Insanely Catchy Banger With J Balvin, "Con Altura"

rosalia con altura video
rosalia con altura video youtube

Queen of Spain Rosalia dropped her new song “Con Altura” featuring reggaeton star J Balvin yesterday (March 28). The song isn’t a “Malamente” or anything neo-flamenco, which is the style of music we all heard first from Rosalia (and the reason we fell in love with her). “Con Altura” is upbeat, infectious trap-pop music. It is highly catchy. The lyrics, the ones she sings, are totally Rosalia “Spain” vocabulary, and the J Balvin chemistry is still there. Remember their first collaboration “Brillo”? Here’s to more Rosalia, J Balvin collaborations in the future. I like the vibe of the two together. Is Rosalia selling-out? Well, she is a smart girl. “Con Altura” will open more doors for her, she will attain a larger audience with this genre, and the fact that more people knows her name is only positive. I’m sure she’ll go back to her neo-flamenco for her solo songs and for the songs on her next album. It is unavoidable, though, that her style will evolve at some point. Trap music would be the more natural transition for her. It’s like the Taylor Swift situation. Rosalia may keep doing the neo-flamenco thing for one or two more albums, like Taylor in her country years, but eventually she will be tempted to go mainstream, like Taylor did with pop. Ultimately, all artists have the dream to be worldwide superstars, huh?

Ranking: 4.5/5

Best enjoyed when: In Ibiza at a beach party having some tapas and sangria with your Latino and Spanish friends.


By on March 29, 2019
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