When Rihanna Ended Azealia Banks’ Career With 3 Chicken-Themed Hashtags…

rihanna ends azealia banks

When Rihanna Ended Azealia Banks’ Career With 3 Chicken-Themed Hashtags…

It all started when Rihanna called US president Donald Trumpan immoral pig” on Twitter over his Muslim ban policy on Sunday. Failed rapper Azealia Banks feeling like meddling used her Instagram account to write her two-cents on Rihanna’s point of view about “American being ruined before our eyes” - due to Trump, that is.


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Rihanna, who fortunately for us was having some free time, decided to have a little fun with A.B and finish her career with three shade-filled poultry-themed hashtags in an individual Instagram post. “The face you make when you a immigrant #stayawayfromthechickens #iheartnuggets #saveourhens”, Riri wrote.

rihanna azealia banks instagram

Don’t get it? Didn’t you know Azealia Banks has been sacrificing chickens (because she’s a “witch”) in her home for three years now? She recently shared a clip on Snapchat showing herself cleaning her closet which was covered in dried blood and feathers (Sick, I know…).

So just like that Riri ended and shamed Azealia publicly. So simple.

But she kept the fun going on Instagram (in view that Ms. Banks didn't want to drop the subject and kept annoying her on social media):

rihanna azealia banks social media

A furious Azealia Banks then personally texted Rihanna and the “Work” singer exposed her by showing the text she received together with AB’s phone number, lol. The message Azealia sent her was all kinds of embarrassing and delirious.

AB needs to get help ASAP!!!

“I don’t have to do anything to you miss. Beyoncé is already working heavy on you. Ever think to stop and think that’s why you have a drug and sex addiction?”

Azealia seriously needs to take a chill pill. She thought she could destroy Rihanna but the tables turned on her.


By on January 30, 2017

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