When Nicki Minaj Met Lauryn Hill And Bowed Down To Her: VIDEO

nicki minaj bows down to lauryn hill
nicki minaj meets lauryn hill

Two queens together.

Nicki Minaj met her icon Lauryn Hill for the first time backstage at the ‘TIDAL X: 1015’ event (an annual star-studded benefit show for the Robin Hood Foundation conceived by Jay-Z and Beyoncé) last night (Oct. 15) at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

What did Nicki immediately do when she ran into the “Doo Wop” star? She freaking kneeled down (like everybody should)!!!

I am in love with your spirit and your mind”, declared Nicki as she paid reverence to Lauryn.

Nicki eventually stopped the bowing down and hugged her life role model.

May I remind you Nicki Minaj quoted Lauryn Hill on her high school yearbook (see below). She's possibly her biggest musical influence.

nicki minaj high school yearbook

Will they ever collaborate, though? I personally don’t think so. Lauryn is too busy doing herself these days and she’s not public-much anymore. But no doubt she loves to be praised by her devotees at backstages of major events such as this. For that she still has all the time in world.


By on October 16, 2016
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