What Would Happen If DJ Khaled Tried To Crowd Surf? Well, This…

dj khaled crowd surf

Nothing better than to start the week with a good and healthy laugh.

At a recent party DJ Khaled found himself so hyped up and overexcited from the show a collaborating rapper was performing on stage that he decided to go crazy and give crowd surfing a shot. Was the crowd ready to handle all of DJ Khaled’s weight? Watch the video below to find out.

LMAO! The crowd was like “hell no” and of course they pushed him (with much of an effort) back to the stage.

What would you do if you saw DJ Khaled literally coming down on you?

OMG, I think I’ll get myself a life insurance just in case I choose to go to a DJ Khaled show in the future. You never know!

DJ Khaled will soon release his "Father of Asahd" album featuring the hit single "No Brainer".

By on October 29, 2018
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