What Was THAT Joe Jonas Wore For His “Cake By The Ocean” Performance With DNCE On “Ellen”?

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What Was THAT Joe Jonas Wore For His “Cake By The Ocean” Performance With DNCE On “Ellen”?

Congratulations to DNCE, Joe Jonas’ dance-pop group signed to Republic Records, because their debut single “Cake by the Ocean” is on the rise in the US. The upbeat, fun song may not have had a great start but time has proved that the song had potential. They just had to let it be properly digested in the minds of listeners.

The rising success of “Cake by the Ocean” is so undeniable that Republic has been forced to increase DNCE’s promotion budget and book a handful of high-profile television appearances these days for them. One of their biggest stops thus far took place yesterday at the last episode of the week of “The Ellen Show”. Joe Jonas and the rest of his DNCE band hit the “Ellen” stage to perform their pop hit “Cake by the Ocean” live. Watch them in action below:

Certainly the fact that “Cake by the Ocean” managed to grasp success in the US, a bit late but grasped it anyway, will give new life to DNCE’s debut EP “Swaay”. Republic will undoubtedly have to pick a new single from the EP, whose sales haven’t been the greatest, and give it a go. What happens if it’s another “Cake by the Ocean”, right? They have to take the risk.

As for DNCE’s performance yesterday on “Ellen”, it was a great performance. Very energetic, Joe moved across the entire stage, he interacted with the crowd in the studio, walked up the stairs of the crowd’s seating area, and he really gave it his all. He knew this “Ellen” gig was important for the band, and he didn’t disappoint. However, I must stress two things I didn’t like from this performance: 1) Joe Jonas’ atrocious outfit. Like…NO. I swear to god my eyes bled a little from watching Joe’s outfit for too long. And 2) Joe’s not very pretty to watch shiny face. Either he didn’t get his anti-shine make-up applied correctly before the performance or he has very greasy skin. And if it's this latter case he should definitely go to Kiehl’s store right now and buy a 24-hour oil eliminator for his greasy facial skin (the shiny face wasn't definitely not because of his high-energy performance because his face looked greasy from the very beginning).

Good performance, though!

Any advice for Joe?

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By on February 13, 2016

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