We Wanted A New “Friends” But David Guetta & Anne-Marie’s “Don’t Leave Me Alone” Ain’t It

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There’s no doubt Anne-Marie is in vogue.

After the collaboration of the British singer with Marshmello, “Friends”, Anne-Marie became the girl every DJ wanted to work with. First on the list after Marshmello? David Guetta. The French hit maker’s collaboration with Anne-Marie titled “Don’t Leave Me Alone” was released on digital platforms last Friday.

Don’t Leave Me Alone” is an EDM song where a mentally fragile and "low self-esteemed" Anne-Marie sings about begging her boyfriend to please never abandon her because apparently she would be nothing without him. Ehh...

At this stage of the feminist revolution we're living songs like this hurt a little. But of course freedom of thought and speech is there and Anne-Marie has that right. If she thinks a woman would be nothing if a man leaves her, even if it’s to entertain the lyrics of a pop song, then that’s fully on her.

Is “Don’t Leave Me Alone” as good as “Friends” and does it live to the post-hype of the Marshmello hit? Unfortunately, no. For starters, the melody in the verses is weird, and then David Guetta’s beat drop is both weak and anticlimactic – if we compare it to what he has delivered in the past, this is lazy. The only thing I kind of liked from this song was the hook, but a song needs more than just a cute hook to be a "good song".

I hope this doesn’t affect Anne-Marie much and DJs keep counting on her for future EDM collaborations. May this disappointing song serve as experience for Anne-Marie to understand she needs to better pick the songs she agrees to record next time as she really set the bar high with “Friends”.


By on July 30, 2018
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