Watch Zara Larsson Sing Christina Aguilera’s “Bound To You” Power Ballad At A Swedish Wedding!

zara larsson wedding sweden

Somewhere in Sweden the Larsson family celebrated a wedding last Saturday (July 15). And who were in charge of performing an adequate song live at the wedding ceremony just before bride and groom said, “I do”? The Larsson sisters! Those being pop sensation Zara Larsson and her sister Hanna. And the song they chose to sing couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion; Christina Aguilera’s “Bound to You” ballad from the 2010 “Burlesque” soundtrack. With lyrics such as “I found a man I can trust / And boy, I believe in us / I am terrified to love for the first time / Can’t you see that I’m bound in chains / I finally found my way / I am bound to you”, there’s no denying “Bound to You” is a perfect wedding song.


Zara is such a great vocalist, so in my mind I had no doubt she was going to slay “Bound to You” when I clicked “play” and watched the full performance. That was exactly what I saw: pure slayage. Evidently, nobody is going to be able to do “Bound to You” as Christina Aguilera does (she gives that song that something extra) but Zara’s rendition of it was quite remarkable. This is not the easiest song to sing and she did a good job. Oh, and I have no doubt this song choice was a thing of hers. She’s a member of the “Lotus” army, that I know for sure.

For nostalgia purposes, here's Christina singing "Bound to You":

By on July 17, 2017
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