Watch Will.I.Am's Puzzling "Birthday" Performance on "The Voice Australia"

will i am performance on the voice

Was this a bad or just a very weird performance? I’m positively on the fence! performed on Monday (July 21) on the grand finale of ‘The Voice Australia' his latest single "Birthday" with the help of Cody Wise. The electro-pop/indian music-flavoured number is rumoured to be the first single from’s upcoming new solo album but that is unclear yet as the Black Eyes Peas member has yet to speak about it. Let's just regard the catchy "Birthday" as a one-off single for the summer for the moment.

Tonight’s performance on ‘The Voice Australia' was the very first televised performance of "Birthday” ever. Of course was going to give the show he’s currently working on the exclusive! And this 'weird’ performance has paid off for him as ”Birthday” is, as of this post, at #2 on iTunes Australia. We will see if this performance is the big break the song needed to fully connect with the Aussies and finally enter the Top 10 on the ARIA Singles Chart (it’s only gotten to Top 30 to date).

As for the actual performance tonight, it was very puzzling. Did they tape this in advance? Well, they had to considering Cody was a singer and a guitarist, and was a singer, drummer and pianiest, all at the same time allegedly 'LIVE'. Hey, Will was even multiple crowd people! Neither Cody nor Will have great voices so this was meant to be more of a fun, cool to watch performance. Nonetheless, the whole 'clones’ situation left me a little bit confused and puzzled every time ‘it’ happened and ultimately got me wondering: Was this a bad or just a very weird performance?


will i am birthday on the voice
By on July 21, 2014
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