Watch: performs new single on 'Le Grand Journal' & 'Jonathan Ross'

will i am performs that power on jonathan ross

Watch: performs new single on 'Le Grand Journal' & 'Jonathan Ross' is busy promoting these days his brand new single "That Power" (featuring Justin Bieber) in Europe. The Black Eyed Peas frontman (and producer of the flawless Britney song "Big Fat Bass") delivered the first televised performance of the electronic-dance record on 'Le Grand Journal' on French TV earlier this week. The - brief- performance saw and his army of dancers executing the choreography of stiff, robotic moves we can see in the official music video for "That Power". It didn't look that bad on TV actually...It definitely created 'a moment' on 'Le Grand Journal'. And the audience were feeling's single. They did not stop shouting, and clapping.

On Saturday night (April 20), appeared on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' on UK television. The 38-year-old musician unveiled there the 'full' performance of "That Power". Camera work wasn't good here, though. The performance looked much better on 'Le Grand Journal'. In any case, before the "That Power" showing, sat down for a chat with Jonathan Ross. In the interview will discussed his first demo, his experience on The Voice UK, meeting Obama, or his studio time with Justin Bieber for "That Power".


By on April 21, 2013

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