Watch: Tori Kelly - "Hollow" [Music Video Premiere]

tori kelly hollow video
tori kelly hollow music video

She says her soul is “Hollow” and she’s singing in an abandoned house. You see the connection Tori Kelly is making here? Such a smart girl!

The 22-year-old Californian is going to re-release her debut album “Unbreakable Smile” later this year and this sad and emotional titled “Hollow” is the official first single. Tori said in an interview that the song talks about her relationship with God. Can you believe? Tori clearly isn’t afraid to open her heart to us.

tori kelly hollow video premiere vevo

After a period of consideration, I am now loving “Hollow”. I have connected with the song, and every time I hear Tori hit the “I am hollooooow” note my body gets floored. And as for the newly-premiered music video (VEVO gave it to us today, November 5th), it is pretty simple, and low-budget but I don’t think Tori needed anything else to make it perfect. She belts “Hollow” at every room and hallway at this empty house and the QUEEN shows us how to work and be one with the LIGHT. Tyra Banks would be proud! I bet Tori Kelly’s a fan of “America’s Next Top Model”.

What do you think of the video?

By on November 5, 2015
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