Watch Now Avril Lavigne's Breathtaking "Head Above Water" Music Video: Premiere

avril lavigne head above water video
avril lavigne head above water video premiere
avril head above water music video

Queen of wearing amazing white dresses, queen of picking the right sceneries for music videos, queen using beach sand as a catwalk and queen of making amazing poses under water! THAT’S AVRIL LAVIGNE!

The Canadian pop-rock singer premiered the music video for her iTunes #1 hit single “Head Above Water” just moments ago (Sept. 27) on YouTube. The music video was shot somewhere amazing where I need to go for Instagram photoshoot purposes at least once before I’m out of this world, Avril looks breathtakingly beautiful, and this video is just all about the emotions! I had literal goosebumps all over my body from the first to the last scene. That scenery, though…WOW! Where was this shot? Please someone tell me!

One tiny thing, though, I was kind puzzled by the last few scenes where Avril is underwater… When exactly did she come out? I was honestly waiting for that scene where she would come out violently out of water looking for dear air to breathe but we didn’t get that… mmmm… was there maybe a mistake in the editing process? (lol).

Oh, also I did like that Lyme awareness message at the end.


By on September 27, 2018
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