Watch Keyshia Cole's $10 Music Video for "Party Ain't A Party"

keyshia cole party ain't a party video

Beyoncé may have a budget of million of dollars and Keyshia Cole one of only a few bucks, but that ain’t stopping the R&B songstress from making her dream of having her first visual album happen. Keyshia's new album "Point of No Return" hit stores this week, and in the last days Ms. Cole has been almost daily dropping music videos for album songs. The latest? The visual for “Party Ain’t A Party” which premiered on Keyshia's VEVO this morning of October 10th.

“Party Ain’t A Party” is duet with up-and-coming R&B singer Gavyn Rhone. The song speaks about Keyshia being the one leaving her boyfriend this time. If he can't see that Keyshia is the only girl she needs in his life, then to hell with him. Keyshia is going to pack her Louis Vuittons up, and leave the house.

keyshia cole party ain't a party music video

“Party Ain’t A Party” video review

$10 budget for sure. Keyshia's on-screen boyfriend is not famous, Gavyn Rhone certainly didn’t ask for payment for his appearance, the clothes Keyshia wears is probably hers, the place where they shot the video is probably a friend’s apartment, the video is most likely self-directed, and surely the make-up and hair-do was all Keyshia’s work. So budget of this video; $10 for sure. Too cheap, but the song is fine!

keyshia cole party ain't a party video premiere

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By on October 10, 2014
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