Watch Jessie J’s First Performance As A Contestant On Chinese TV Show “SINGER”: It’s “Domino”!

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Watch Jessie J’s First Performance As A Contestant On Chinese TV Show “SINGER”: It’s “Domino”!

Did you know Jessie J is participating as a contestant on a Chinese TV singing competition called “Singer”? I kid you not. The show just kicked off last night and earlier this week the British pop singer officially broke the news to her fans (although the news was already public since the end of 2018 thanks to some Asian online newspapers).

Jessie J is lying, though, when she says she’s the first international singer to be asked to participate on the show (all the contestants on "Singer" must be well-known, veteran singers). On previous seasons there have been contestants from Singapore, Malaysia or Kazakhstan. So she's clearly putting the focus on the “first international artist to ever be invited as a special guest” remark to dome some “damage control” to not look all that bad to the Western world. She's undoubtedly a bit embarrassed. Apparently being a contestant on TV show in China is something bad? True I don’t see Lady Gaga, Madonna or Katy Perry ever being contestants on this show but given Jessie J’s career has been rather quiet in the latest times, any money is definitely welcomed, right? And Chinese TV checks are usually massive. Plus, the show she says is watched by over 100 million people each week! So she’s already done the Super Bowl in a way! Amazing.

“Singer” began its new season last night and please watch below Jessie J’s first performance. She sang “Domino”, and a very long version of it! Almost 5 minutes!

I think she was not eliminated this week? Because that would have been terrible for her career.

Good luck, Jessie! We're rooting for you! And in theory, if she becomes really popular in China, she wouldn't need to work in the UK or America ever again!

By the way: Does anybody know what the winner wins?

By on January 13, 2018

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