Watch Jessie J Perform "Killing Me Softly" On China's "Singer" TV Show!

jessie j killing me softly china
jessie j killing me softly china tv

Watch Jessie J Perform "Killing Me Softly" On China's "Singer" TV Show!

Jessie J gave another amazing performance this week on Chinese national TV.

At the show “Singer”, where the British singer is participating as a contestant for a 100+ million people audience, Jessie J performed a cover of The Fugees’ all-time hit “Killing Me Softly” on last night’s episode.

Her performance was so impressive, emotional and perfect that Jessie J was voted the #1 favorite performance of yesterday’s episode and therefore made the “Queen” singer safe for another week.

What will classic hit will she cover next week? Does it really matter, though? We all know she’s going to slay that song whatever it is. This girl’s on fire! And Chinese people are clearly loving her. Look at the studio crowd’s reaction to her “Killing Me Softly” performance and to the fact she was voted the best performance of the night. I fear there is a slight probably we might be losing Jessie J to China… I mean, if she does become very popular over there, with one tiny tour and great sales she wouldn’t need to work in Europe/USA ever again!

By on January 28, 2018
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