Watch Future Feel Up Amber Rose In “Mask Off” Music Video: VEVO Premiere!

future marsk off video
future marsk off video vevo

Mask Off” needs no introduction. It’s the super smash hit from Future’s eponymous fifth studio album. The single has been out for a long while, it’s been killing it on the radio and charts, but something was missing… an official music video! Everybody had been asking for it, Future told us it was coming out soon, but nothing premiered, until today. May 5th, 2017, aka. Cinco de Mayo, was the day Future finally decided drop the “Mask Off” music video upon us.

Directed by Colin Tilley (who else, right?), the "Mask Off" music video shows Future and his gang causing criminal pandemonium in a city, which will be even impossible for the police to control despite their efforts. While his subjects do their criminal stuff, KING Future will ride his lavish car around as he feels up his music video co-star AMBER ROSE on the passenger seat beside him. Say what you want about her, but she FINE AS HELL.

Maybe Amber Rose and Future should consider dating? They would be a hot couple.

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By on May 5, 2017
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