[Watch] Far East Movement Film New Music Video In Amsterdam & Cascada in Tenerife!

The Far East Movement guys played a concert in the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands this last Monday (March 5th) as part of the 'The Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour' (they're touring Europe with LMFAO) but rocking the stage, and entertaining their fans wasn't FM's only mission in the Dutch capital. The American electro-hop band took advantage of the Amsterdam stay to shoot there the music video for their new single "Live My Life" featuring Justin Bieber. The MV was filmed in two days, March 5th and March 6th. Check out above footage from the video shoot. As you can see, LMFAO's Redfoo will make a cameo (Sky Blue's still injured) as well as Dutch dance queen Eva Simons. Scenes of the "Live My Life" video will include Far East Movement and Co. partying through the Amsterdam streets in a customized double-decker bus. Justin will have most likely filmed his scenes in Los Angeles.

Cascada's Natalie Horler Soaks Up The Sun In Spain!

Only last night (March 5th), the new Cascada single 'Summer of Love' surfaced online in full, and today we see footage of the German euro-dance group's female vocalist Natalie Horler filming the music video for the catchy summer anthem. Everything's happening so fast! Cascada intelligently caught a flight to the only place in Europe where the sun hasn't stopped shining, and the temperature hasn't dropped from 20°C to film their 'summery' video...that is, The Canary Islands! To be precise, the German act selected the city of Tenerife to shoot the 'Summer of Love' visual. Watch above! The fan-recorded one-minute clip shows Natalie Horler alongside a bunch of party girls dancing to the beat of 'Summer of Love' on the sand of Playa de Las Teresitas beach. Hmmm, this looks super basic y'all, and Nat's outfit could be sexier (yes it can). 'Summer of Love' deserves a high-budgeted visual. Anyhow, I'll hold judgement until the edited/full MV premieres.

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By on March 6, 2012
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